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It's a Knockout

It’s a Knockout for Hen Parties & Stag Dos

It's a Knockout for Hen Parties & Stag Dos

Looking for something a bit different to the traditional paintball stag weekend and spa hen weekend? Well it’s a knockout is for you! It’s fun, wacky and is a great laugh for everyone. 

For those of you too young to remember, “It’s a Knockout” was a popular 70’s and 80s TV game show where participants donned large, foam rubber suits running, slipping and sliding across a series of inflatable, foam ridden obstacles in a bid for victory.

And best of all we can arrange everyone’s payments individually saving you the hassle of collecting the payments yourself, giving you more time to limber up and get ready for the games to begin!

It’s a Knockout is suitable for everyone in your group not just the fitness fanatics, so anyone can join in whatever their age.

[spoiler title=”Basic itinerary / timings of the day” open=”0″ style=”2″] [list style=”star”]
  • You will arrive at your location at 12:30 to run through the days itinerary, get split into teams (If you have a large group you may be split into separate teams) and get warmed up
  • Games begin at 13:00
  • Get ready to get wet on the slippery slope , covered in foam in super suds and get gunged, but most importantly have the time of your life!
  • Games finish between 16:00-16:30 when the group that emerges victorious wins a bottle of bubbly
[/list] [/spoiler] [spoiler title=”It’s a Knockout Locations” open=”0″ style=”2″] [list style=”check”]
  • Nottingham (£40 per person)
  • Manchester (£40 per person)
  • Bristol (£40 per person)
  • Bournemouth (£40 per person)
  • London @ Kempton park (£45 per person)

Book now with just a £50 group deposit


All venues are just 10 minutes from the city centre!

[spoiler title=”FAQS” open=”0″ style=”2″]

What’s the minimum age?
18 years old, there is no maximum

Will we be in the same team?
If your group is 12 or less you will all be on one team, if you have more than 12 you will be split into teams

Is there food?
No food is included, please feel free to bring your own picnics, snacks and drinks.

Are there lockers?
Please leave any valuables at home, there will be somewhere for you to leave your bags but it is not staffed.

Are there changing rooms?
Yes, there will be somewhere for you to get changed.

Can my nan come and watch?
Yes anyone can watch free of charge!

Can we choose the games?
The games are chosen well in advance so you are not able to choose which games you will play on the day, there will be a mix of all the games for you to enjoy.

Will there be a break?
There will be small gaps in between the games for you to grab a drink

Do we have to do all the games?
No, if you don’t want to participate that is fine.  Some games are more demanding, if you
feel it is not suitable for you don’t have to do it.

How many people do we need to book?
We need a minimum of 8 people for ‘It’s a knockout’

Can we bring alcohol?
NO! Please do not drink before or during the event as your safety is very important.  If the instructors think you have been drinking you will not be able to join in.

Is there parking?
There will be plenty of parking for your group at the venue

What shall we wear?
Comfortable clothes, leggings for girls, tracksuit bottoms, leave the white tops at home though girls its going to be a wet one! Fancy dress is always a popular option especially for the unfortunate Groom.  Make sure you take a change of clothes incase you get very wet.

Will the event run if it’s raining?
It’s a knockout is an outdoor event and will still continue in the rain, the only time it would be cancelled is if there was a thunderstorm or very high winds.

Will it just be our group?
It is not an exclusive event, there will be other groups of stags and hens but this just adds to the fun and you may even meet them in the bars later.

Can I take pictures to put on facebook?
Yes yes yes –  please take plenty of piccies of your day.


Book now with just a £50 group deposit

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Locations for It’s a Knockout for Hen Parties & Stag Dos

Locations in the UK

  • Bournemouth Hen Nights
  • Bournemouth Stag Weekends
  • Bristol Hen Nights
  • Bristol Stag Weekends
  • London Hen Nights
  • London Stag Weekends
  • Manchester Hen Nights
  • Manchester Stag Weekends
  • Nottingham Hen Nights
  • Nottingham Stag Weekends
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